The Ultimate Homemade Pizza Guide

Making your own pizza creations at home is worlds better than paying for delivery. Why? There’s lots of reasons, and we really want you to know how to make your own pizza at home so you can save money, live better, and enjoy a better food quality!

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Cost Savings

The average cost to create your own pizza at home is a lot cheaper than eating out. Purchasing vegetables for toppings and tomatoes to make the sauce can be done at your local farmer’s market for cheap. Most farmer’s markets take pride in their fruit and vegetable offerings, and go to great lengths to ensure their produce is organically grown and top notch quality. Even buying vegetables at your local grocery store, although more expensive than a farmer’s market, can help you make a much more affordable pizza than ordering out from a pizzeria.

As far as total cost savings go, investing in an affordable pizza oven and accessories, combined with the cost for the ingredients, comes out to about 1/3 of the price of store bought or delivery pizza. Over the course of a year, the cost savings really add up!

Taste, Quality, And Cooking Speed

Homemade pizza gives you the ability to customize everything about the pizzas you create. You get to use your own collection of recipes, you can monitor and control the crispness of the crust, and the pizzas get finished in record time. The average time it takes to cook a pizza at home with your own pizza oven is about 3-4 minutes per pizza. At that rate, you can make pizzas all day long! That’s get-together and party potential that you should truly consider!

Types Of Pizza Ovens

Countertop Oven

These are the stainless steel variety that you find in gas station convenience stores. While they do make a great pizza, they are a bit slow in comparison to some other oven models. On average, it takes about 9 minutes to cook each pizza to completion. The upside to these types of indoor pizza ovens is that they run on electric and they’re cheap. Overall, they make a good pizza and perform the job of pizza cooking well enough to make it an all around good deal for the money.

“Clamshell” Style Indoor Pizza Maker

These are ultra-compact and highly affordable even for people on a tight budget. They allow you to make not just pizza, but snacks, appetizers, and more! Most of them have timers and will cook a pizza 40% faster than a conventional oven does.

Outdoor Brick Hearth Style Pizza Oven

This type of pizza oven is for people that demand the utmost in quality and taste from their homemade pizza efforts. Outdoor brick hearth style pizza ovens feature a very high level of heat and constant air flow, resulting in pizza that’s deliciously crisp, and toppings less filled with water. That means more nutrition and less “water bloat”.

Although, they’re much more expensive, this is the same style pizza oven used in Italy, where they’ve been perfecting the art of pizza since 1889.

Outdoor Stainless Steel Or Cast-Iron Pizza Oven

These are large and similar in size to the brick hearth style ovens. This type of outdoor pizza oven feature dual oven chambers (but not always), roller caster wheels, heat resistant handles, and storage compartments. Some of these ovens run on propane, natural gas, and can also be wood fuel models. They can cook pizza, and do it very fast. Generally, it takes only 3-4 minutes and your pizza is fully cooked. You can also make a variety of other foods in these oven models, such as fish, pork, poultry, vegetables, ribs, and more.

Like the brick style hearth ovens, these are a bit more expensive in price than the household variety, but with high quality stainless steel/cast-iron construction, you’ll be sure to get many years of trouble free use out of them. You’ll also be able to recoup the initial oven investment throughout your years of using it.

Our Favorite Homemade Pizza Products

Best Countertop Pizza Oven – Wisco 412-3 Wired Counter Top Pizza Oven

The Wisco 412-3 Wired Counter Top Pizza Oven is a true champion of indoor pizza cooking. With a review score of 4.5 out of 5 across 14 reviews, along with a super low price tag of only $75, you’ll be able to recoup the cost of buying one in just a few short months. It features long life calrod heating elements designed to last for many years of trouble free use. And with a flip up handle design, it stores away in tight spaces easily.

The opening to the oven is 3″ X 13″, the bottom tray is removable for easy cleaning, and the temperature range is variable from 350F to 450F. It also comes with a 30 minute timer and digital readout panel. It can handle pretzels, cookies, sandwiches, frozen/breaded shrimp, chicken wings, hot dogs, and more! The included fan helps to keep the unit cool and extend the lifespan.

Overall, this is a great product at a great price. It’s the same type of model you find in convenience stores and gas stations. Keep in mind that it takes about 9 minutes to fully cook a pizza, so people that want or need a quicker option should consider the clamshell, brick hearth, or outdoor stainless steel/cast iron models.

Best Outdoor Pizza OvenilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven- High Grade Stainless Steel by ilFornino New York

in-fornio-pizza-ovenThis is one of the very best outdoor, large style pizza ovens out there. It’s made from 100% stainless steel and features a double-walled insulated dome to conserve heat, keep the oven at a steady temperature, and conserve fuel usage. It also features a 2″ brick lined floor for an additional level of heat retention. The built in thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the internal temperature, and the ash-catcher tray helps to keep the oven area free of debris.

Newly designed for 2014, it comes complete with an all-weather cover, 1 pizza peel, and 1 pizza brush. Assembling the unit will take you about 45 minutes out of the box. It stands a total of 76 inches in height with the chimney included, and is 44 inches deep, 51 inches in height (without the chimney), and 31 inches in width. You can figure these size dimensions into your outdoor plans using these figures.

Overall, this is oven has been designed by some serious oven experts with inside knowledge about what makes a wood fired pizza oven worth it. This model, in particular, is built to last a lifetime. It’s another oven investment that will pay for itself many times over throughout lifetime usage of the unit.

Best Pizza Pan – Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan

uisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza PaThis 14″ pizza pan comes highly rated from Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 star review score. The heavy gauge aluminized steel heats evenly every time, and with rolled edges, it’s designed to never warp or disfigure. It also features a non-stick interior and exterior, which makes clean up a snap. No stuck on food, not ever! It’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is one of the best deals for pizza pans out there. Cuisinart is a very well known company with a long track record of producing top quality products. With a list price of around $12, you really can’t go wrong. And because it’s perforated, you’re guaranteed a crispy, delicious crust every time you use it.

Best Pizza Stone – Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone, Black

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza StonePizza stones are well known throughout the world for creating top quality pizza. The Emile Henry Flame Top 14.5″ Pizza Stone, Black is rated highly at Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 star review score. It’s made in France from Burgundy clay found naturally in the region, resulting in top quality pizza flavor you can’t match using other stones. You can use this pizza stone under a wood fire, natural gas flame, charcoal flame, propane flame, and more.

The glaze on this stone is micro-crazed, which contributes to overall crust quality and crispness. It also features a scratch and gouge resistant surface, ensuring a long, trouble free lifespan. It can withstand high temperatures, it absorbs shock without breaking, it’s lighter than other stones, and features handles for transport. It’s also stain resistant and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Best Pizza Cutter – Precision Kitchenware – Heavy Duty Pizza Cutter / Wheel – PK005

best pizza cutterThis pizza cutter by Precision Kitchenware is able to slice through any crust and toppings with ease! It features a razor sharp stainless steel cutting wheel measuring 4″ in diameter, a soft-grip handle that’s slip resistant w/thumbguard, and an oversized hanging hole for easy storage. It’s dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. The asking price for this item is a real bargain too, priced at right around $14.

The lifetime warranty is what makes this product such a good deal, especially for the low cost of buying it. And if you look at the reviews for this product, it received a perfect 5 out 5 star review score across 64 reviews. Everyone loves it, and we think it’s the best deal out there for a pizza cutter on Amazon.

Best Pizza Peel – Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

best aluminum pizza peelThis pizza peel has a 14″ X 16″ aluminum head, and together with the handle, it measures a total of 27.7″. This is one of the best pizza peels on Amazon, and has a review score of 4.5 out of 5 stars across 496 customer reviews. Scoring that high across hundreds of reviews is no small feat. With this pizza peel, you can work with more than just pizza. You can transfer pastries, breads, pies, and more.

Using the Kitchen Supply 14″ X 16″ Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel, you can work with the entire diameter of a large oven and never risk your arms when transferring food to and from hot oven areas. You can work with the food items while they’re being cooked to ensure proper food preparation. Using this pizza peel, working with pizzas and other food items is a breeze.

Priced at right around $25, you’ll be able to get many years of use from the high quality construction.

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