Best Oil for Pizza Pans

Are you tired of having your homemade pizza creations always stick to the bottom of your pizza pan or stone? If you have tried butter and other methods in the past, we definitely suggest you try oiling your pan for your next pizza adventure.

There is a huge variety of oils on the market today so we will break it down with our top pick for best oil for pizza pans.

Best Canola Oil:

Lightly flavored and a homemade anything classic, Crisco Pure Canola Oil is our top choice for the best canola oil for pizza pans. Fairly standard when it comes to cooking oil but you can’t go wrong with a tried and tested method for non-stick baking.

GHEEBest Vegetable Oil:

When going with vegetable oil for your next vegan pizza recipe, we suggest 100% Organic Ghee from Grass-fed Cows. This oil has an amazing flavor and is the healthiest on our list (not to mention great for the environment!) We also tried sautéing our pine nuts pizza topping in this oil beforehand, the result was incredibly delicious!

Best Olive Oil:

For the classic Italian taste we suggest you use olive oil in your pan. Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil is hands down our favorite, however it isn’t even from Italy! It has a very smooth finish with a strong Greek flavor. Tastes great with pizza that has a strong cheese as a topping like goat’s cheese or Gruyere.

latourangelle-walnut-oilBest Misc. Oil:

The flavor of walnuts ads a hint of savory to your pizza crust, and this is why La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut Oil is hands down our favorite. This gourmet cooking oil not only goes great in pizza, we use it in almost everything! Especially great to use for cooking your meat toppings for pizza!

That rounds up’s top choices for best pizza pan oil. Here’s to your next homemade ultimate pizza creation not sticking to your favorite pizza pan or stone!

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