The Best Wooden Pizza Peel

Wooden pizza peels are a useful accessory in the kitchen as you can build the pizza directly on the peel before placing it into the oven. Leaving some of the dough that you have used to make the pizza on the peel will mean that the pizza does not stick to the peel after it has been cooked. When you are looking for a wooden pizza peel you will want to choose one that has received good reviews.

The EXO Super Pizza Peel in Solid White Ash

wooden-pizza-peel-expThe Exo Super Peel Pizza Peel has been recommended by Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen for ten consecutive years, and is one of the best value pizza peels on the market. It is constructed from Solid White Ash which is one of the strongest woods available. It is also used in the construction of baseball bats and handles for tools.

The pizza peel is ideal for all types of baking, whether it be bread, cookies or pastries. As it is so useful for sliding items in and out of the oven it can even be used for delicate items with no need to worry about them breaking up, or falling off the peel.

A pastry cloth belt is included which means the peel is truly non-stick. If you prefer using flour to stop the pizza sticking to the peel then this cloth can easily be removed. It is also machine washable. This cloth acts as a conveyor belt and makes it easy to place the pizza, or whatever else you are baking, exactly where you want it in the oven.

This pizza peel can be used with all types of pizza bases, even those that are really thin which gives you the opportunity to experiment with your pizzas in terms of the different bases that you can use. When it is not in use it can be stored away easily as there is a hole in the handle to allow you to hang it in the kitchen.

Check out this awesome pizza peel in action on America’s Test Kitchen’s YouTube:

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