Blackstone Pizza Oven Review

Have you ever wished that you could enjoy a delicious pizza topped with all of your favorite ingredients any time you want — without the expensive price tag that comes with ordering takeout? That was something that I used to wish for all the time – until I finally caved and ordered this Blackstone pizza oven. Now I wish I’d done it a lot sooner!! Constantly ordering out and later regretting how much money we had spent was a problem that my husband and I used to have all of the time. Now, instead of spending a fortune every time we get a craving for oozing cheese and the aroma of tomato sauce floating through the air, we love that we can fulfill our cravings whenever we like – without ever having to hop in the car or pick up the phone. Since the oven only takes three minutes to cook the pizza, it actually takes us way less time to sit down and eat as a family than it would if we were to order food from our local pizza shop. Talk about a time saver!!

Although this oven was specially designed to bake pizza, because it’s so spacious, it’s also great for cooking many other foods as well – including grilled vegetables, chicken dishes, fish, spare ribs, or any of your other favorite foods! Because of this, I am happy to report that our family has saved a ton of money since purchasing this oven. Before, we used to order takeout multiple times a week, but now, the food that this oven makes is so delicious that the kids would rather stay home than order out!!! Trying a variety of fresh herbs, different vegetables, and recreating family favorites has also proven to be a lot of fun when using this oven; we’ve really liked trying out different flavors and new recipes. We were skeptical about how powerful the oven would actually be at first, but its rotisserie motor is fantastic at making sure all of the food is evenly cooked all the way through, so that every blackstone-pizza-oven-with-pizzafamily member will enjoy every last bite. The only complaint that we’ve ever received in my house is that the food disappeared so quickly!

Oven Features:

  • Fast Heating 60,000 BTU Burner
  • Push Button Ignition Start
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Pizza Rotating Rotisserie Motor

The Blackstone pizza oven not only makes crafting delicious dinners a lot easier on your budget, but it will also make cooking a lot more enjoyable for you too! I love being able to easily move the oven into the shade, to avoid getting a nasty sunburn on my back while I cook outside. The oven’s wheels also make it perfect for summertime barbecues with family and friends. Offering to host a party and prepare food no longer means that you’ll have to miss a funny story or conversation with your guests because you were off cooking in the next room.ebay-buy

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of this oven. I have recommended it to all of my friends, and will continue to do so!

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