Fibrament D Pizza Stone Review

Fibrament Baking Stones are made with the quality of professional baking stones and can be used in the
home. Fibrament’s baking stones were first introduced to the pizza industry 25 years ago. The stones are
made of a patented blend of raw material that conduct heat and can stand high temperatures without
cracking. Because of the demand, Fibrament began selling Fibrament pizza stone’s to non-industry users.

Fibrament d Pizza Stone Features:

  • 15 x 20 inch rectangular stone
  • 3/4 inch thick
  • Withstands 800° Fahrenheit
  • Made with raw materials
  • Includes baking instructions
fibrament d pizza stone

One of the best square pizza stones available on the market today.


The Fibrament d baking stone bakes pizza and bread evenly. It works by drawing direct heat from the
bottom of the stone to bake through the dough at an even pace. It does not draw moisture from the
dough. Pizza and bread baked on the stone have a nice crispy crust while the inside is cooked perfectly.
The stone is made of materials that can withstand high heat temperatures that are used to make better
tasting pizza. The stone will not crack at the high temperatures as stones made with other materials often


• The stone is large and thick so it is easy to bake a large pizza or two loaves of bread on it.
• It can be stored in the oven at all times and other pans can be set upon it for better baking.
• It can be used in gas, electric and conventional ovens at up to 800° F.
• It is easy to clean – do not wash the stone because water will create moisture that will
upset the baking process. Gently wipe off spills or use a rubber scraper to remove stuck on
• The stone is durable and will last a lifetime.


• For best results, curing before use is necessary. This removes excess moisture and will prevent
cracking. To cur the stone heat it in the oven at progressively high temperatures before using
it to bake pizza or bread.
• Some find it difficult to clean. Wiping the stone clean with a dry rag should be enough to remove
any residue. If residue will not wipe off, use a soft-tipped rubber spatula. If that does not work,
the residue should come off when the stone is still warm. The stone can also be left in the oven
with the oven on self-cleaning mode. Do not use water on the stone. Any moisture in the stone will
will affect the baking process and could lead to cracks in the stone.
• The stone comes with a lot of warnings for users which could be intimidating. This is mostly meant
for industry users who use the stone to back pizza in extremely hot ovens that sometimes rise to
1000° F.

The Firbrament d Pizza Baking Stone will make pizza that is uniform in size and thickness and with a crispy
crust and evenly baked inside. For restaurant quality pizza, the stone’s professional quality makes it easy
to create delicious pizza. The stone doubles as a base to bake bread on and to place other pans on when
baking in general. Firbrament’s pizza stone is the perfect bake ware for pizza and bread bakers.

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