Fornetto Pizza Oven Review

fornetto-oven-1Amazing Outdoor Food Creations Are Just A Click Away!

Whether it be baby back ribs, fish, chicken, leg of lamb, vegetables, or pizza, the Fornettto Pizza Oven can do it all. It’s the ultimate backyard oven that’s perfect to entertain guests both day and night. The interior of the oven is 16.5 gallons, which is enough space to fit plenty of food. You can cook multiple items at once, cutting down on prep time for parties and get togethers. You might even consider buying more than one of these ovens if you frequently entertain large groups of guests.

It comes complete with a smoker box for wood chips, which allows for easy chip insertion to bring out the tastefulness of the meat. Trying out different wood chip combinations is an extremely satisfying experience, and the more flavors you get to try out, the more you’ll be able to figure out what you and your families taste buds like. You’ll also discover that some wood chip flavors won’t be tasteful to you, which is all part of the learning experience of outdoor oven cooking.

Learn, Experiment, And Live The Outdoor Dream With The Fornetto Pizza Oven!

Experimenting with flavors like lemon, garlic, rosemary, basil, wine, onion, ginger, and more can help you discover all the amazing taste combinations you can add to your meat. You can find tons of helpful information on the Internet on how to get started with outdoor oven cooking. There’s recipes, helpful cleaning tips, and more. And as you’ll find out, outdoor cooking is a fun hobby that can help you save money over the cost of dining out. You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by using this oven, and you’ll be able to recoup the cost of buying one in no time flat.

Outdoor ready and solid as a tank best describes the build quality of this oven

Built completely from stainless steel, you’ll enjoy many years of trouble free use with this oven. With a build quality as good as this, your friends will be remarking about the product quality for years to come.

It comes with a rugged all-weather cover, which helps to extend the life of the oven and keep it protected from the elements. Along with proper cleaning and maintenance of your Fornetto Pizza Oven, you’ll be ensured a long life of outdoor cooking and providing those special moments for you and your family. Cooking a full pizza takes only 6 minutes! That’s fast! And at that rate, you could even use the oven as a tool to open your own outdoor pizza garden. It would be a fantastic way to generate money, even if you don’t make it a full time job.

Additional Specifics About The Fornetto Pizza Oven

This is a very full featured oven. It comes with roller wheels and a cart designed to keep everything in its place. Food pieces can be contained in the bottom of the cart, helping you to save time and effort. Once one item is finished cooking, simply grab another from underneath the cart. Two stainless steel shelves allow you to cook small items, and you can remove them in order to cook larger food pieces easily.

A viewing glass and thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the food and internal temperature as it’s cooking. And with dual chambers, you can use this item as a convection oven and to smoke meats, etc. The bottom chamber of the oven holds the fire, while the top chamber is where the food cooks.The bottom chamber is also lined with heat retaining ceramic bricks to ensure that the oven stays at a steady temperature at all times, and that you don’t waste fuel trying to keep the heat level up.

Smoker adjustments with this Fornetto Oven Model features a chimney and vents, so you can control exactly how you want to smoke your food with custom precision. You can use liquids, wood chips, and more! The cast iron doors are built to last a lifetime, and are coated with a black gloss enamel for long life. It also features a spice rack, wood holder, tool hooks, and foldable side shelf.

So Should I Buy The Fornetto Pizza Oven Or Not?

Although there aren’t any Amazon review scores yet for this product, we did do some research on the Internet for any feedback we could find. The owner and President of Fornetto has created a detailed video on YouTube, showing the positive aspects of the product and how to use it most efficiently. We saw that video, and based on what we saw, this is indeed a quality product you can put your faith and trust in. It comes with a full warranty to keep you safe from any defects, and that’s piece of mind you can use to protect your finances.

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