Part Tool Bicycle Pizza Cutter Review

I was very amused when I first saw this pizza cutter. I normally love novelty items and seeing a kitchen utensil to add to my collection alongside my dinosaur shaped oven mitts struck a chord with me. I really wanted to have this pizza cutter. And for what it looks like, it’s even better when you actually hold it in your hands.

Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza Tool

Let me start with the appearance. The cutter part looking like a bicycle’s front tire was perfect. I almost wish I had something to mount on top of the pizza cutter so that I could have the figure ride the bike while the bike tore through pizza concrete. Speaking of which, it does cut very well, better than I thought it would, and much better than my last pizza cutter ever did. The blade just moved so quickly and easily through the pizza that it was like a knife through hot butter. Except here it was like a pizza cutter through a deep dish pizza.

The actual handling of the pizza cutter is as easy as pie, too. You might think that with a curved grip that it would be harder, but it’s actually a lot easier than using a straight handled pizza cutter any day! It felt like an ergonomic grip that was both fun and practical to use. I enjoyed feeling my blade running across the diameter of the pizza while my hand felt like it was hardly doing any of the work. It feels amazing.

Lastly, cleanup and storage. The pizza cutter was cleaned off just about as easily as one could expect of any utensil. Nothing stuck on to it and it looked just like new when it dried! As for storage, they have you covered there. The pizza cutter comes with it’s own little stand to look like a parked bike! I don’t know about you but something about seeing it like that warmed my heart up.

I would gladly recommend any other novelty item lovers like me to buy this and do it fast. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s cute, and best of all, it works.

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