The Best Deep Dish Pizza Pans

1. Chicago Metallic Non Stick 14″ Deep Dish Pizza Pan

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This non-stick deep dish pan measures 14 inches in diameter by 1.5 inches high. It’s made of heavy duty construction and the wire rod rim prevents warping. There is a very easy release, non-stick coating which makes cleanup much easier. This pizza pan is dishwasher safe and has an impressive twenty-five year warranty.


-This pan is very reasonably priced at $18.99
-It has a twenty-five year warranty so you know that this company stands behind its product.
-The pan is deep dish, so you can essentially make any type of pizza. You can make thin crust or thick crust, or a true deep dish pizza- your options are not limited
-The non-stick coating means you don’t have to use any sort of grease, and the pizza will just slide out of the pan with no problems
-You can easily cut the pizza in the pan with a rubber spatula and take it out piece by piece making clean up far easier


-If you happen to cut the pizza with a metal knife you will scratch the bottom
-There are really no other cons with this pizza pan


2. Manpans USA Made Hard-Anodized 12″ Perforated Deep Dish Pizza Pan

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This 12 inch Deep Dish Perforated Pizza Pan has an easy release coating which is PTFE Free and made in the USA. This pan is ready for baking, and the perforations on the bottom reduce the risk for soggy or greasy crust. The crust will come out with little bumps on the bottom, and lots of pizzerias use this method as well, so you’ve probably noticed this type of crust before.


-The bottom of this pizza pan is perforated which allows for grease or any sort of sogginess to bake through, allowing for a more crispy crust with less fat content
-The pan is 12 inches opposed to 14 inches, which is easier to fit in cupboards when you have limited space- which might attract college students with little room (Who eats more pizza than college kids?)
-The pizza will not stick due to the easy release coating
-The easy release coating is PTFE Free, so no harsh chemicals for environmentally conscientious people


-This Deep Dish Pizza Pan costs more than others, at $29.99 for the pan
-The pan might be a little small for some people who prefer to make bigger pizzas
-Some people might not like the perforated crust


Comparison Between The Two

Either the Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 14 inch Deep Dish Pizza Pan or the Manpans USA Made Hard Anodized 12 Inch Perforated Deep Dish Pizza Pan would be good choices for people who like to make their own pizza. Either pan would be good for deep dish, thinner crust, or regular crust pizza due to their versatility.

The main two things that a person would have to consider would be whether or not they like the perforated pan more than the 14 inch pan, because the perforated pan costs over $11.00 more. This is an easy decision for those who don’t like perforated crust at all, however it could be a bit more difficult for those who like the idea of the pizza crust being less soggy or fatty, but don’t feel like paying the extra money.
A person would have to consider how much room they have to store each pan as well. As mentioned before, college students probably don’t have a whole lot of room for storage, so maybe they’d like to have the smaller pan (but not like the higher price!)

The easiest choice for me would be to get the Chicago Non Stick 14 inch Deep Dish Pizza Pan, because I love the idea of the 25 year warranty, and with two teenage boys at home, the bigger the pizzas in my house, the better! I also love the fact that I could make various types of pizza in the same pan. The non-stick pans would also come in very handy for a busy mom like me who doesn’t have time to soak crud for a day before cleaning up after a meal.

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