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weber1Weber Style 6430 Pizza Stone

The Weber Style 6430 Pizza Stone allows you to actually turn our grill into a pizza oven right in your back yard. It’s made of cordierite ceramic and it fits all 22 ½ inch grills or large charcoal grills as well. It will also fit all Weber full size gas grills.


The Good: The size of the pizza stone is perfect to fit right under your grill. This pizza stone makes a phenomenal thin crust pizza when you learn to cook the pizza to perfection. It might take a little bit to master the technique, but once you do, you can create a fantastic pizza that your family or guests will absolutely gobble up.

The Bad: The stainless steel handle has no purpose but to burn your hand. Don’t use it. Also, you have to have the temperature at 450 degrees or it won’t work. The dough sticks to the pan so you have to be sure to use plenty of flour to avoid this, and make sure to keep the dough as thin as possible.

weber2Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone with Carry Rack

The Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone with Carry Rack will add a unique smoky flavor to your pizza. The cordierite stone absorbs moisture and there is a carry rack for easy transportation. This is great to use with a Gourmet BBQ system charcoal grate.


The Good: This is actually a very nice pizza stone. If you heat your grill to about 500 degrees and let the stone itself cook for about 15 minutes (20 at the most), you can then slide your pizza on it. It can handle fresh cut pizza from a store like Papa Murphy’s, homemade pizzas, or frozen pizzas. The pizzas are almost completely cooked in 7-8 minutes. If you use a bit of cornmeal, your pizzas won’t stick. The crusts turn out to be perfectly crispy. If the stone turns black the first time you use it, don’t fret- that’s completely normal. The stone gets very hot, so simply buy some gloves or oven mitts and much away!

The Bad: The metal part isn’t the best fit for some Weber grills and it’s made specifically for one type, so be sure to make sure this will fit your grill before you buy it.

Comparing the two:

Sounds like both pizza stones are very good quality. You would have to use flour or cornmeal with either of them to avoid the pizza sticking to the stone. Seems like the Weber 6430 is more adaptable to different grills. I would decide which one is best by measuring my grill, and getting a good pair of heat resistant gloves to work with the pizza stones!

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